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About us

Our vision is to revolutionize e-commerce.

At Dresos we made it our mission to change the way you shop and dress without having to worry about any fees, subscriptions and risks. From the comfort of your home, we offer unparalleled levels of customer service through access to our dedicated and highly experienced stylists.

Our partnerships with leading retailers and brands turn the UAE’s Malls into your extended closet. Dresos holds no stock and is able to choose from thousands of styles and fashion trends in all kinds of sizes and colors.

At the end - you only pay what you keep!

Who we are

Dresos is a Dubai-born startup that is part of TECOM Groups’ in5 incubator. Established by co-founders, Vladimir Radojevic and Aleksandar Jankovic, Dresos brings more than 25 years of combined experience from the Fashion and Retail industry to its customers and partners in the UAE.

Meet the founders

Vladimir Radojević


Aleksandar Jankovic


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