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How much do I pay for the service?

Styling service as well as the shipping are free of charge. You only pay for the items you buy

For which occasion can I order the box for?

For every day, night out, training, work/formal, beach, brunch. Just tell your stylist what do you need the outfit for and we will make it happen

Why shouldn't I buy all these clothes in the Mall myself?

There's nothing worse than wasting time in busy Malls with screaming kids around. We offer to do it for you, for free, and with styling service on top

Can I buy the individual pieces?

Yes, just mention which product categories are you interested at and the stylist will send you few options to choose from

When do I have to return the box with clothes?

You have 3 days to return the box with the items you don’t want to buy. After that, you will be charged.

Can I return everything from the box?

Yes, absolutely! And you won’t be charged anything.

When will I be charged?

Only at the end of the process. Once you return the box and confirm what you kept, we will charge your registered credit card

Do you save my credit card details?

We do not process, record or maintain your credit card or bank account information

Do you offer this service for men and woman?

Yes, we offer service for both men and woman

Is this a subscription service?

No, you are in full control and only you can request the delivery of the box. We don't send anything automatically

Where is Dresos available?

Currently in the UAE only

How much does your clothing cost?

The same price you would pay in the Mall

How can I return the items I don't want?

Just contact your stylist and schedule the return

What if I cancel the return of the box?

If you cancel it more than 48 hours before the delivery date, you will not be charged. If you cancel it less than 48 hours, you will be charged a fee of AED 49

What if I like the item but the size is wrong?

You can contact the stylist and we will deliver the right size with your next delivery if available

Can I extend my try on period?

Yes, buy maximum additional 2 days by sending a message to the stylist